NEW! World’s First Politically Correct Un-‘Holiday’ Card Now On SALE

Don’t you miss the days when people said something more provocative than ‘Happy Holidays.’ Well, we’ve come up with the solution to save you buying various denominations of cards and worrying about saying the wrong thing. Not only you won’t upset folks but you might even get a laugh with this unique greeting card.

Now you can send greetings for any and all of the various seasonal holidays including:

  Bodhi Day,Christmas, Chalica, Decemberween, Festivus,Hanukah,Hogswatch, Kwanza, Newtonmas, Pahcha Ganapati, Quai-e-Azam’s Day, Sol Invictus, Wintersday, Yalda, Yule

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SEE WHAT’S ON THE INSIDE TO REALLY APPRECIATE this  novel card that will not only NOT OFFEND , even gets laughs!


Now You Can Buy A Holiday Card That is Really Made For Anyone, Religion -Politically Correct

World’s First Universal PC ‘Un-Holiday’ Greeting Card Ready-Made and Mailed for Less



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