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Coupon Country Presents JACK BENNY’S ‘A’ LIST    April 19, 2020

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CORONA  CORONA VIRUS Stats and Updates 

from a Contra Costa perspective

‘Well Gang, I’ve been around a long time and it’s easy to be confused these ‘SIP’ days. Even the great depression wasn’t quite like this – and I was there!  A good friend forwarded me this video, which kind of opened up a repressed area in my smallish brain. Perhaps it’s time to take stock and think about living in these ‘boring’ times. Maybe it’s not all that bad…These are interesting times. We are who we are in this miracle called LIFE! Enjoy it. Savor it. It only happens once.  -JB 

When’s the last time you made jello? For me & Mary, it’s been many years and without this Corona thing it may have never happened again in our lives. We’re making jello again! And it’s good!

Remember When… A Time To Look Back and Forward Again…e


How to make     your  own  TP.     Yes, if it comes    down to it, there      are some  pretty creative low-cost   ways to beat   

the zombie apocalypse TP hoarders (left) or other more normal methods (above) that might cost you a bit more.


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 Buffalo’s ‘Big Wheelie,’ ‘King of the 50s’ is latest taken from us by Corona

Big Wheelie and his generation are ‘paying the most to keep us afloat’ says Dominic Lawon of The Times. Rest in peace Big Wheelie and the many seniors, famous or otherwise,  taken from us so unfairly. One senior oldie-but-goodie who survives is Jerry Lee Lewis, who says, in good spirit,that he’s spending most of his time eating and watching TV in Tennessee with his wife

‘You probably noticed  a little different twist to the ‘coup-letter’ this time around. This corona thing kind of messes with our brain waves…perhaps a little comic relief which is much needed. Ah, real comedy… maybe it’s back again!’ -JB

Restaurant Wholesale Store Open to Public For First Time

 If you don’t mind angry looks from restaurant owners 

 Normally only restaurant-owners can shop, but public allowed for first time in 40 years. Stores in SF, Oakland and San Jose. Here’s the latest info.
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