Gift Guide #8 – Closing Christmas Coupons,Carols and TV

There was, or, is only one CHARLES BROWN, great blues singer/piano player with Johnny Moore’s group in the 40s and 50s, who disappeared for years only to emerge from obscurity, thanks largely to Danny Caron. I was lucky to live in the San Francisco area during that time of Brown’s reemergence and witnessed not only a great artist but a wonderful person who shared his colorful history and thoughts during his concert lovefests, circa 1990s. Christmas hasn’t been the same since Brown passed a few years back . …. Then we have the great JACKIE WILSON, Mr. ‘R&B Opera’ singer, who turned pop music into some incredible vocal gymnastics as we here in ‘O Holy night.’ Nice to be able to go back and bring back these greats from time to time.. Merry Crhistmas, Baby, as Chares would say.

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Here are a few Christmas favorites and a Jukebox of tunes while you shop but first, how about a ‘Coupon Song’? Yes, there are many now on the web with Coupons as big as they are. This is about the best of the lot, which isn’t saying much, but perhaps you’ll enjoy it. If not, move on to Bing Crosby and  ohers…This is so bad the dog starts leaving the room and barking…But first here’s another episode of me Christmas Shopping B.C. (before coupons) so I had to do whatever it takes to scrimp and save, Enjoy! -JBclickClick here for some REAL Christmas music
Now for some continuous Christmas classics click the jukeboxand listen while you shop as you scroll down 



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